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Book Fairs  2018-2019

Travel with the experts to the International Book Fairs, buy books, update and build library collections,meet authors, travel to wonderful cities. Inquire about our services during the book fair:

  1. Bilingual assistant.
  2. Cinco Books Mobile App.
  3. Agenda and information about publishers of your interest. 
  4. Worry-free book purchases. 
  5. The best discounts and prices.

Buenos Aires International Book Fair

Dates: April 24-26  2018 (Professional days)

Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina


FIL LIMA Lima International Book Fair

Dates: July 21- August 06, 2017
Place: Lima, Peru

LIBER Barcelona, Spain

Dates: October 3-5 2018
Place: Barcelona, Spain

FIL Guadalajara International Book Fair

Dates: November 24- December 2, 2018  


Stand NN12- International pavillion 

Place: Guadalajara, Mexico