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Corazón de Marimba


Format: Paperback

Author: Jaime Gamboa and Elissambura

Release year: 2016

ISBN 9789929633063

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Amanuense

Fictional and warm story about friendship and music. Amanda becomes friend with Miguel, a boy who plays marimba (musical instrument from Central America similar to a xylophone) while he waits for a new heart. Enchanting illustrations and rich text by writer and musician Jaime Gamboa and Elissambura.

Una ficticia y tierna historia acerca de amistas y musica. Amanda se hace amiga de Miguel, un niño que toca la marimba, mientras espera por un nuevo corazon. Hermosas ilutraciones y abundante texto por el autor Jaime Gamboa y el musico Elissambura.