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Desde la rama mas alta


Format: Paperback

Author: Alberto Pocasangre and Cecolia Rebora

Release year: 2016

ISBN 9789992467725

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Libros para niños

Award: honor mention at the 1st central american contest of literature for children.

What is the highest branch?

What is going on over there that now all the children and the curios, worried adults in the neighborhood have now gathered under a tree.

You will find out in this book, which shows that simple things can quickly turn into serious and fun at the same time.

Que hay en la rama mas alta?

Que cosa curiosa esta pasando ahi que ha reunido debajo de un arbol a todos los niños de la cuadra y a los adultos curiosos, mirones, y preocupados.?

Lo descubriras en este relato, que nos demuestra que las cosas simples a veces pueden volverse serias y divertidas al mismo tiempo.