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El canto errante


Format: Hard cover

Author: Rubén Darío

Release year: 2014

ISBN 9789569330087

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Amanuta

Rubén Darío, the great Nicaraguan poet and pioneer of Modernism in Hispano-American literature, traveled the world with his verses. For him, at once both modern and old-fashioned, poetry was always musical.

The singer travels the whole world’s roads, 

smiling or pensive in his moods.


Ruben Dario, el gran poeta Nicaraguense y pionero el modernisaje en literatura hispano-americana, viajo alrededor del mundo con sus versos. Para el, la poesía ya sea moderna o antigua siempre a sido musical.

El cantante viaja a traves del mundo

Sonriendo o pensativo es su estado