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La Bella Durmiente del Bosque


Format: Hardcover

Author: Gabriela Mistral and Carmen Cardemil

Release year: 2012

ISBN 9789568209803

Language: Español

Publisher: Amanuta


  1. Most Beautiful book award by UNESCO, 2014
  2. Honorary mention category "Los Imprescindibles de la Biblioteca" by Banco del Libro, Venezuela, 2014
  3. Honorary mention category  "Acierto editorial" by Banco del Libro, Venezuela, 2014
  4. Honorary mention category  New Horizons at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, 2014

When Gabriela Mistral wrote her version of the Sleeping Beauty tale, she found her inspiration in Charles Perrault’s celebrated Tales and Stories of the Past, written in the 17th century. Mistral conceived her text in the form of a verse fairy tale which exhibits the beauty and grace that were so prized by the Modernists. Mistral’s “Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” was first published in Bogotá, Colombia, by the newspaper El Gráfico, on 14 July 1928, and Editorial Amanuta now gives new life to this poem by publishing it as a picture book with illustrations by Carmen Cardemil that lend a modern aesthetic to this very legendary story.


Cuando Gabriel Mistral escribio su propia version de la bella duermiente, Ella econtro insipracion en las historias de Charles Perrault, las cuales fueron escritas en siglo 17. Mistral convirtio su texto en un verso de fantasia el cual demuestra la belleza y la gracia, la cual son tan importantes en eseta epoca moderna. La version de Mistral "La bella duermiente en el bosque" fue publicada por primera vez el 17 de julio en 1928, y la editorial Amanuta le da una nueva vida a este poema, por medio de publicarlo como un libro con illustraciones, las cuales le dan un aire moderno y una nueva imagen a este legendaria historia.