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La Leche


Format: Hard Cover

Author: Francoise Laurent and Nicolas Gouny

Release year: 2017

ISBN 9789929633377

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Amanuense

Las vacas producen leche para nutrir a sus pequeños. Nosotros criamos vacas para consumir su leche. Como podemos disfrutar los productos lácteos sin agotar a nuestras generosas lecheras. Un libro para aprender y concientizar a los niños acerca del origen de los alimentos y la producción sostenible. Recomendado de 6+ en adelante.


Cows produce milk to nourish their calves. we, humans, raise cows to supply milk for our consumption. How can we enjoy milk and its byproducts without harming animals and our environment?. La Leche is a book to create consciousness about our current practices to obtain milk and how we can improve our health, life quality for humans and animals living in the same planet. Recommended for ages 6+