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La vaca de mi abuela


Format: Paperback

Author: Eugenia de Micheli and Mariana Etcheto Meziere

Release year: 2016

ISBN 9789873854248

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Del naranjo

Awards: Fundacion Cuatrogatos USA 2018

 If we are talking about pets..... well, there are all kinds of pets. Even a cow could be a pet. Why not? But not in her real size, especially if she lives in an apartment. But if the cow is small, really small, tiny, super tiny, miniscule, extremely miniscule. What would happen?


En cuestionde mascotas... Bueno hay de todo. Una vaca bien podria serlo. Por que no? Eso si, no es su tamaño real, sobre todo si se vive en un apartamento. Pero si laa vaca es chiquita, muy chiquita, chiquitisima, minima, minimisima. What would happen?