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My voice / Mi Voz (Boardbook)



Author: Jose Fragoso

Release year: 2018

ISBN 9781513631523

Language: Spanish and English

Publisher: Green Seeds

Jose Fragoso is the author and illustrator of My Voice, a bilingual book created for children to explain in an easy and fun way how to use their voice to make a better world, to be kind to others to be whomever they want to be and to be proud of who they are. An empowering book about leadership, self confidence and your own voice.

With your voice you can use it to tell stories, to make others laugh, to sing, to call your friends,to say what you think and to be who you are.

Jose Fragoso ha escrito e ilustrado Mi Voz, un libro infantil en edición bilingue dedicado a la voz, a aprender a usarla para beneficio de un mundo mejor y sobretodo para saber expresarnos y aprender a conocer el valor e importancia de nuestra voz. Un libro sobre confianza en si mismos, autoestima, liderazgo y auto conocimiento.

Con tu voz puedes contar historias, hacer reir, cantar, llamar a tus amigos, decir lo que piensas y ser quien eres.