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Rita bonita


Format: Paperback

Author: Sandra Siemens and Cecilia Varela

Release year: 2019

ISBN  9789873854743

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Del Naranjo

A sweet and charming title that will show us a very sad part of wild life through rita's experience and her relationship with Budo. A great title that plays of a symbiotic relationship between a rhino and an oxpecker to show and teach us about the type of harm that is being done to the wild life, but it comes with a happy ending in which Rita will find out she is not alone.

Un dulce y tierna historia acerca de Rita y Budo. El libro nos mostrara el daño que le causamos a la vida salvaje y como afecta al rinoceronte Rita, pero con la ayuda de su amiga Budo Rita dejara de sentirse triste y encontrara amistad.