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Viaje al corazon de neruda


Format: Paperback

Author: Marilu Ortiz de Rosaz and Raquel Echenie

Release year: 2014

ISBN 9789568209902

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Amanuta

"I come from a obscure place, of a country separated from the other by geography. I was the most abandoned of the poets, and my poetry was regional, painful and rainy. But I always had confidence in the man. I never lost hope. Maybe that is why i came all the way here with my poetry, and also with my flag"


"Yo vengo de una obscura provincia, de un pais separado de los demas por geografia. Fui el mas abandonado de los poetas y mi poesia fue regional, dolorsoa y lluviosa. Pero siempre tuve confiaza en el hombre. No perdi jamas esperanza. Por eso talvez he llegado hasta aqui con mi poesia y mi bandera"