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Mi nueva mamá y yo/ My new mom & me


Format: Hardcover

Author: Renata Galindo

Release year: 2018

ISBN 9788494665080

Language: Spanish

Publisher: Lata de Sal

A sweet title that will show us that there are many challenges and concerns that need to be overcome by adoptive parents and children but it is also important to understand that as long as there is love and and genuine effort all of those can be overcome and a new caring and loving family can be created regardless of skin color or sex

Un dulce libro que nos mostrara muchos de los desafios y problemas que padres e hijos adoptivos tienen que superar pero mientras haya esfuerzo y amor todos estos stereotipos y problemas pueden ser superados y una nueva cariñosa y amorosa familia puede ser creada sin importar el color de piel o genero.